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Barclays Community Event

Friends of the School and Barclays Community Gardening Project.


On Thursday 5th April 2018, the Friends of the School and Braclays Bank staff, lead by Paula Haycock volunteered to rejuvenate the allotment area and gardens in school. There was a signifcant amount of work that would have taken the School Staff a considerable amount of time and money to complete. However in one day the team of volunteers were able to remove previously over used soil, dig and weed the school borders and spruce up the school greenhouse ready for Children to begin growing a range of items in the summer term.


The photographs below show what the areas looked like before and after the project.


Before 1
Before 2
Before 3
Before 4
Before 5
Before 6
Before 7
Before 8
Before 9
Before 10
Before 11
Before 12
Before 13
Before 14
Before 15
Before 16


After 1
After 2
After 3
After 4
After 5
After 6
After 7
After 8
After 9
After 10
After 11
After 12
After 13
After 14
After 15
After 16
After 17
After 18
After 19
After 20
After 21
After 22

The Barclays Volunteering Team.

The Barclays Volunteering Team. 1

Thank you!


As a School we would like to thank Paula and the team at Barclays bank for their enthusiasm and dedication and for taking time out of their very busy schedules to help the school and children. We look forward to the children taking full advantage of the rejuvenated gardens and being able to grow a range of plants, fruits and vegeatables. We would also like to thank Barclays with their support for our Christmas, Easter and Summer fairs.