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Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School


Every week in Reception we have challenges to complete.

Maybe you could try them at home! Let us know how you got on we'd love to know!

Here's a recording sheet you can use if you wish.


Week 6

This weeks challenges are...


Write about one of the Chinese objects we have in school.


Read a book and tell a grown about it.


Put objects in a ten frame and take one away. How many left?

Week 5

This weeks challenges are...


Write instructions for a robot.


Read a book and spot I, no, go, to or the.


Put objects on a ten frame and recognise the amount.



Week 4

This weeks challenges are...


Write a sentence about making our robot.

(remember finger spaces)


Try to read a story book.


Use a ten frame to recognise amounts without counting!

(being able to visualise an amount will help adding and subtracting and understanding numbers.)

10 frames to recognise amounts

Week 3

This weeks challenges are...


Draw yourself as a robot and write a sentence.


Explore 3D shapes

(experiment to find the best shape for rolling)


Week 2

This weeks challenges are...


Can you hide a toy and then use positional language to describe where it is?

(in, on, under, behind, above, below, infront, next to, inbetween)