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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Summer 2017


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Red Nose Day - 24th March


On Red Nose Day we came into school wearing red clothing and our red noses!



We all had different noses but wanted to design our very own noses! We also all brought in our best jokes.


Here are a few of our favourites:


Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?

Because she will let it go!


What do cows do on Friday nights?

Go to the moooooovies!


Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in its freezing out here!


What do you call a deer with no eyes?

No ideer!


What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?

Still no ideer!


We went to a special assembly at 2:30 where all the classes shared their favourite jokes! Our bellies were hurting from laughing!


Thank you for all our support on Red Nose Day!


World Book Day - 2nd March




Space morning!


This morning Class 8 took part in a very exciting space morning!!! We watched Tim Peake’s launch to the ISS and the made our very own rockets!


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Here is Matthew’s recount of our morning:
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On the 25th January Class 8 visited Spaceport in Birkenhead.

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After our visit we wrote exciting recounts all about our visit. They were fantastic!!!! Miss Jones had to pick names out of a hat to choose whose went on the website.


Here are three of the children’s recounts:

Maks' recount

Maks' recount 1

Owen's recount

Owen's recount 1

Isabelle's recount

Isabelle's recount 1
Isabelle's recount 2
If you wish to see your child’s recount please ask Miss Jones.


23rd November 2016 - Road Safety Week


This week is national road safety week. We have been looking at how we can say safe on the road by doing a range of activities!


Using our road mat in class we had to find safe ways for our people to get from one area to another, for example from the beach to the airport. We used the zebra crossings as much as we could. Miss Jones made it harder by saying we had to find safe place that wasn’t a zebra crossing! We made sure we weren’t on a bend and always avoided going across the roundabout!


We also went outside and used the road that is drawn on our playground. Some of us were cars (or vans or busses or lorries or tractors) and the rest of us had to find safe places to cross. It got much harder when cars were coming both ways. We also had parked cars and talked about never cross between them because you can’t see properly. We said it was safer when we stepped back from the road because we could slip if we are too close!


Finally, we talked about distractions and how to dress when we’re going near roads. We know that we must wear bright clothing especially at night so that we can be safe and be seen. We talked about how distracting headphones, games consoles and mobile phones can be when we are walking down the street! We designed our own safe outfit using bright colours and making sure we had nothing distracting with us!


Using everything we found out we designed and made our own road safety posters! You can see some below and some will be put up around school!


Stay safe!!


16th November 2016 - Anti Bullying Week


How can we be good friends?


As it is anti-bullying week this week KS1 have been focussing on how we can make sure we are being good friends.


During our lesson we completed and experiment with some apples. We took one apple and passed it around our circle and everybody had to say something kind to the apples. Some children said the apple looked shiny or that they really like its colours. When we sliced the apple open inside it looked fresh and healthy. The children explained that they thought that meant the apple was happy and it was because we had said such lovely things.


Then we used a second apple. This time we passed it round the circle and although it was hard we had to say some not very nice things to it. Some children said the apple was too small or that’s its stalk was too short. Lots of the children apologised after as they did not like saying this not very nice things. When we cut the apple open inside it was brown and bruised even though it still looked exactly the same on the outside. As the children explained this is because whenever we say something mean it always hurts people on the inside. After we finished our circle time children went away and explained what they are going to do to make sure they are being good friends.


Being Good Friends - Part 1

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Being Good Friends - Part 2

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Being Good Friends - Part 3

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