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Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School

Internet Safety

The internet is a wonderful and exciting place, full of fun, friends and information. But if used incorrectly the internet can also be a scary place where bullying, or worse, can happen.


All children from Nursery onwards have access to computers and programs on the internet in school. We use monitoring and blocking software to protect our children from things they find uncomfortable and we talk to them about how to use computers and the internet safely, but at home you may not be sure how to handle things.


Here are some links to websites with really good advice for parents of children of all ages.

These NSPCC pages will give you information on the websites your children, of any age, use and how you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are appropriate:

Remember too, that our Purple Mash portal is an safe, online environment where your child can research and play using the same programme used in school.