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It's Good to be Green


Our behaviour system is called ‘It’s Good to be Green’. Every child starts their day on a positive note with a green card displayed in their pocket of the Class Chart. The card says- ‘It’s Good to be Green!’ and the children soon learn to associate being on Green with a feeling of having done the right thing and keeping to our school golden rules.


Children, who have stayed ‘green’ all week, will be entitled to attend the class ‘Golden Time’ on Friday afternoon and the class with the highest percentage of children remaining green will be awarded with Prince Frederick the Frog to keep in their classroom for the week. When there is more than one class with the same percentage, they will share Prince Frederick and they will also take care of one his cousins, Florence, Fellipe or Frank.


When children have demonstrated unacceptable behaviour they will be issued with either a yellow warning card or a red consequence card and this will be shown on the classroom display.


Children who receive a yellow warning card during the week will lose 5 minutes for each card that they have received, of Golden Time on Friday afternoons.


Children who receive a red consequence card during the week will miss all of the Golden Time.


Any instances of unacceptable behaviour that result in the issuing of a red consequence card will always be communicated to parents by the class teacher, either in person at the end of the school day or, if that is not possible, by a telephone call.


Our Golden Rules

We listen …We don’t interrupt…

We are honest…We don’t cover up the truth…

We are gentle…We don’t hurt others…

We look after property…We don’t damage things…

We are kind and helpful…We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings…

We work hard…We don’t waste time…


The new version of our Behaviour Policy is available for you to read on the school website.




Introducing Prince Frederick and his cousins.

Introducing Prince Frederick and his cousins. 1 Prince Frederick, Florence, Fellipe and Frank.

It's Good to be Green Winners.


Friday 16th March 2018


This week there were two winners of Prince Frederick, for having the most children who remained on a green card for their behaviour, whilst following our golden rules. These were Classes 1-LJJ and 2-JFS all with 100%

, well done to both classes. There was also a special mention for Reception who have been working together to stay Green and had acheived almost 100% the week before.