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Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School

Safer Schools

The Safer School initiative is a holistic, practical and realistic approach to school security and personal safety.


Accreditation Review 

"Safer Schools’ is a security/safety initiative and Whitchurch Infant School recently held a ‘Safer School Group’ meeting. It was a really positive meeting and clearly indicated the school’s continual commitment to the ‘Safer Schools’ initiative following the school’s accreditation in 2014. An essential element of this initiative involves communicating with governors, staff, pupils, parents/carers, Council and this is reflected by the school holding an annual Safer School Group meeting, parent/carer surveys and newsletters/feedback. At the recent Safer School Group meeting, we reviewed security/safety, reflected on any issues and planned for the future. I was particularly impressed by the hard work of the school in preparation for the meeting. Excellent work!"


Ian Bartlett

Crime Prevention Officer

Shropshire Council

October 2018