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Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery School

Team T.E.D. (Together everybody decides)

Our school council; Team T.E.D. meet once every month. All representatives are elected by their classes.

In September, Team T.E.D. discussed why they wanted to be on our school council.

James- “I like looking after other people”;

Luca – “I want to help”;

Y – “I want to help people to do work”;

Hendie – “I want to be friends to people, to make them happy when they are sad”;

Tia – “I want to help people to do things”;

Hollie – “I like looking after the classes”;

Bella – “I want to help”;

Daniel – “I want to help the whole school and people”;

Oscar – “I want to make the school better and help”.

Team T.E.D. explored the floor book and discussed all that they had achieved last year.

Mrs Hicks explained how to use our worry boxes and Team T.E.D. agreed to remind their classes how to use them.


In October Team T.E.D. helped Mrs Ellison our school catering manager to choose new types of yoghurts and cheese. We tasted a whole range of yoghurts and cheeses and decided which ones we liked best. Mrs Ellison has added the chosen ones to our lunch menu.

Team T.E.D. Pupil Questionnaire Feedback.