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Team TED

Our school council is called Team TED.


TED is an acronym for ‘Together Everyone Decides’. Our name emphasises the importance of the team members' role in gathering ideas from their peers on what needs improving in the school, including the way things are run and organised. By ensuring the children’s ideas and thoughts model the ways we do things in school, gives us to best opportunity to make their time here valuable and happy.

We have one TED representative from each class in Reception, Year 1 and 2. There is a special Team TED board in the main corridor area of the school which details who is in Team TED, as well as details of what the team have been involved in.


Our Team TED representatives are voted in by their class peers and will change each term. Sometimes additional children are needed to support the work of the team and therefore opportunities for others to make contributions will be available.

If you would like further information about the TED Team’s role and responsibilities, please speak to Mrs McCusker or Miss Lloyd-Butler.

We'd like to thank all the children who have been TED members over the year. The time you have spent has helped to make our school all the better for our children.


July '18. It's good to be green! This scheme has been running all year and TED reviewed it's success. They shared their own views during a meeting;

Lydia "It's good, so we know how to be kind."

Emmie "I know how to be helpful and nice. It's good to be kind."

Overall they agreed that behaviour is better now and that if we stopped the scheme, the good behaviour might stop improving.

TED asked their peers about what had worked well, what hasn't worked and what could be improved. TED will feed this back to staff so that next year we'll have even more reasons to stay green.




Summer 2. TED helped to organise 'Share a pencil day.' Every class in school took part. The aim of the day was for our children to understand how lucky they are to have access to resources in school. For them to understand that it is not like that in all schools around the world. Children took part in various activities such as writing about why they love school. They had to work with a partner and share a pencil to complete the work. TED collected the pencils and voted which school to send them to. We have chosen Caria Primary School in Guyana. We hope they will enjoy using our pencils and write back to us
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Summer 1. We have welcomed in our new TED members. We are all very excited about our next projects. These will be about 'Share a pencil day' and to review how the 'Good to be Green' scheme is working in school. We look forward to sharing this with you.

Our pupils were given a questionnaire to find out their views about school. TED fed back their comments.

Our pupils were given a questionnaire to find out their views about school. TED fed back their comments. 1
Our pupils were given a questionnaire to find out their views about school. TED fed back their comments. 2
Our pupils were given a questionnaire to find out their views about school. TED fed back their comments. 3
Our pupils were given a questionnaire to find out their views about school. TED fed back their comments. 4

Questionnaire Results 2017/18

Questionnaire Results 2017/18 1 Pupil Voice questionnaire results.
Questionnaire Results 2017/18 2 Pupil Voice questionnaire results.

Spring Term: Good to be Green posters. Team TED planned their posters, made and presented them during worship. We thank this team for their hard work and look forward to meeting the next team.

Team TED meeting 15.2.18 

We started to design posters for our playground. Team TED felt it was important to remind their peers that it is 'Good to be green' even at lunch time. We hope our posters will be bright and colourful but help to keep us all safe and happy.

Team TED Meeting - 7.02.18


The key objectives for todays meeting were:

To draw up rules for playground and remind children to use the golden rules.

To discuss problems that occur on the playground and possible solutions. 

To choose names for Good to be Green mascots from class suggestions.



We read through our classes thoughts on playground behaviour and we decided;


  • TED could be more conspicuous to the children ie by wearing badges and having a poster with their faces on.
  • They could monitor behaviour and reward good behaviour.
  • Lunchtime supervisors could have yellow and red cards.
  • There needs to be a sign to remind children of the rules. 


We also discussed whether there are playground places that would benefit from set rules?

  • The prayer area.
  • A Walk sign by blue door and toy area.
  • A sign to show when we can go onto the grass.


We also shared names for Prince Frederick's cousins and voted for our preferred names and they were;


  • Florence
  • Frank
  • Fellipe


Please go to the Good to be Green page to meet them.

Team TED Spring Term 2018.


The children have chosen their new Team TED representatives. This term Team Ted will be continuing to consider the designs for our KS1 playground, together with the rules that are needed to keep us happy and safe at playtimes and lunchtimes. They will also be completing a learning walk to explore the types of  activities they would like to be available during lunchtime play.

Team Ted - Spring Term 2018

Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 1
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 2
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 3
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 4
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 5
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 6
Team Ted - Spring Term 2018 7

Playground Development Project

Playground Development Project 1 What do our classes want?
Playground Development Project 2 We reviewed a play ground plan.
Playground Development Project 3 Ideas we liked/disliked
Playground Development Project 4 An example of how the playground could look.
Playground Development Project 5 What we said about the plans.
Playground Development Project 6 What we said about the plans.

Monday 8th January 2018.


We met with Mr Grattage and we shared our review of the proposed plans from a playground development company. We outlined what we liked and disliked and agreed that we should obtain more quotes to find out what ideas other companies had. 


Mr Grattage will share our ideas with other playground design companies and we are looking forward to seeing their designs.


We agreed to ask the next TED team, who will take over in January 2018, to look at developing rules for the playground and to come up with ideas for games and activites for the playrground.


Mr Grattage "The TED team shared their ideas and knew exactly what they would like on the playground. We discussed rules and ideas to develop the playground and they suggested that the next TED team who take over in January develop this further. This is a very exciting project and we are all looking forward to seeing it completed."

TED Update 


Our new Team TED for the Autumn term 2017 are:


R -EM  - Oliver

R -JK -  Indie - Gypsy 

R -CH - Archie

1 -LJJ - Emily

1 -NLB-  Chloe

1 -LAJ- Xanthe

1 -EWT - Poppy

 2 -CS - Seamus

 2 - HB - Jacob

 2 -JFS - Harry

Team TED - Autumn Term 2017

Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 1
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 2
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 3
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 4
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 5
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 6
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 7
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 8
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 9
Team TED - Autumn Term 2017 10

Autumn Term 2017 Project - How safe do Children feel in School?

Autumn Term 2017 Project - How safe do Children feel in School? 1 Our questionnaire to ask our classes.
Autumn Term 2017 Project - How safe do Children feel in School? 2 An example of answers children gave.
Autumn Term 2017 Project - How safe do Children feel in School? 3 Our results
Autumn Term 2017 Project - How safe do Children feel in School? 4 Our Worry box design, to share our worries.



TED Update


Our new Team TED representatives for the Summer term 2017 are:


Red group – Skye 

Green group – Poppy 

Purple group – Arya 

Blue group – Riley 

Class 6 – Gabriel 

Class 8 – Matthew 

Class 9 –  Lexi

Class 10 – Sam 

Class 11 – Lucy 

Class 12 – Oliver & Holly 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Ted Update Summer Term 2017.

Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 1 Creating our Prayer garden!
Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 2 Mr Heath helped use to put up our Christian Values
Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 3 Redesign of our Friendship bench
Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 4 Our anti bullying slogan and poster
Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 5 Healthy Classes questionnaire
Ted Update Summer Term 2017. 6 We created a Healthy Class weekly checklist


Ted Update - 23rd March 2017


In today’s session we have been talking PANTS!

The NSPCC have introduced the #TALKPANTS campaign and today we watch a video all about it. In the video the Pantosaurus explains that what’s in our pants are only for us and they are our private parts. It also discusses what to do if you are worried. To make sure we spread the message through the school we decorated our own pants to share with our classes!


For information on the #TALKPANTS campaign visit:


Ted Update - 9th March 2017


During the last couple of TED sessions, we have been focussing on what it means to be a good friend. We have been reading the story ‘Chrysanthemum’ which tells us about a little girl who gets picked on for her name! When we read the story we all had a paper heart and scrunched it every time something mean was said to Chrysanthemum. By the end of the story we had very crinkled hearts and though about how Chrysanthemum might have felt.


We decided to come up with a plan to make sure that nobody feels like Chrysanthemum in our school. We are starting a ‘Don’t be a bully, be a buddy!’ campaign around school. We hope to create a new friendship zone on the playground and display our new slogan in all classes. Keep posted for new update on how we are getting on!


Ted Update - 9th March 2017


Team TED have been telling us what they think about the school:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



TED Update - 7th February 2017


Our latest TED class representatives have been elected! They are:


Red Group - Oliver

Green group - Stevie-Jean

Purple group - Oliver

Blue group - Delilah

Class 6 - Zoe

Class 8 - Ella

Class 9 - Harry

Class 10 - Katie-May

Class 11 - Jasmine

Class 12 - Jessica


Their first task was to complete a Health & Safety walk around the school, looking at how we keep the children safe in school.






TED Update - 1st February 2017


Team TED (Together Everyone Decides) were very busy in our first term of the school year and we need to say a big thank you to our representatives from last term for their ideas about the garden on the playground. They’ll be speaking with the rest of the school about naming the area and explaining what they want the area to be.


Over the coming weeks they’ll be focussing on Staying Safe. They’ll be looking at what keeps children safe in school, discussing how we stop bullying in school, they’ll talk PANTS - the NSPCC campaign to keep children of all ages safe from abuse and also discuss Road Safety.




TED Update - 11th November 2016


Team TED have spent the last few meetings being MasterChef judges! We have sampled a range of items from our brand new and very exciting menu!


Before we started we completed a questionnaire to see how many of us have school dinners now. 40% of us have school dinners every day, 40% of us have school dinners most of the time and 20% of us have school dinners sometimes.


First we got to try one of the new desserts from them menu. Here are some of our guesses for the flavours; banana, lemon, pineapple and chive (we could see some green bits in it). We found out it was actually lime and courgette cake. We thought it tasted tangy, yummy, sweet and healthy. 90% of us liked it!

Next we tried what looked like a chocolate cake. We were told it has a secret healthy ingredient in it. We thought it might be cherry, plum, apple, carrot or blackcurrant! Eventually Kacie-Lee guessed correctly with beetroot! We thought it was really tasty and all of us ate every bite and would definitely have it again!


During our last taste test session, we got to try three of the new main courses. First we tried two of the new home made sausage rolls. One has a sauce inside which we all correctly guessed was tomato. But we were all really surprised to find out the sausages were all vegetarian! Even though they were vegetarian we all said we would have them again with 70% of us saying we preferred them to normal sausage rolls! Then we tried a new bake. We guessed the ingredients were potato, cheese, sweetcorn, salmon, tuna, carrots and parsnip. It turned out to be a fish pie and most of our ingredient guesses were right! Even though we all tried it we didn’t all like it, however 50% would choose it for dinner. Finally, we tried a new pasta bake.


The ingredients were easier to guess because we could see most of them. They were pasta, sweetcorn, tuna and cheese. We all tried some and 90% of us said we would definitely have it for our lunch!


After our tasty testing all of us said we were looking forward to tasting the new menu at lunch times. The full menu was sent home today and we can’t wait for everyone else to taste what we have tried!


Our next challenge is to continue improving our garden area on the playground. We will be in touch with all the classes for their help very soon!


Team TED





TED Update - 19th October 2016


Members of Team TED have been tasting samples from the proposed new lunch menu, including two vegetable cakes!


Work has also begun to improve the garden area of the playground. New plants will be going in today and at the next meeting they'll be discussing what they'd like to do next.


Well done Team TED!




Ted Update - September 2016


Our first Team TED members have been elected and are Adam, Francesca, Lydia, Olivia, Maria, Maks, Kacie-Lea, Imogen, Jack and Isobel.


Here are a few words from the TED team:


"I wanted to join TED because I thought it would be really fun and I want to change the quiet area because people keep climbing on it!"


"TED is where we decide what we want to change in and around school.  I wanted to join because I wanted to help school"





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