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Whitchurch CE Infant & Nursery Academy

Autumn and Spring

Spring Term Challenges


Week 11

Complete a spring treasure hunt at the park or on the way home from school.

Download the spotter sheet below. Copies will be available next to the group diaries from Monday.

Signs of Spring Spotter

Signs of Spring Spotter 1

Week 10

Can you spot any numbers at home or on the way to school?

Show your grown-ups how many fingers match the number.



Week 9

Can you tell your family all about our core book; Journey by Aaron Becker?

How does the girl feel at the start of the story? Why?

What does she do with the crayon?

Where does she go?

Don't forget to tell us how you get on. Maybe you could draw a picture or write about it. Your grown-ups could write your story down or film you telling it.


Week 8

Can you Recognise numbers to 5, or to 10?

How many numbers can you see on your journey to school?



Week 7

Can you draw and label a picture of your family?



Week 6

Chinese New Year

We are celebrating Chinese New Year in Nursery.

This week's challenge is to bring a photograph of a family celebration and talk about it.



Week 5

Can you find out some new words to describe the texture of different materials?



Week 4 Making robot food.

This week we need to make lunch for the robots, but they only eat things made from metal.

Can you use a magnet to find some food for the robots? What is special about the things that you have chosen?