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Safer Schools

The Safer School initiative is a holistic, practical and realistic approach to school security and personal safety. New Accreditation - Overall Excellent

Safer Schools 
Safer Schools is a security/safety initiative and Whitchurch CE Infant School became an accredited ‘Safer School’ in 2014. Part of the Safer Schools process includes a regular review of the Safer School criteria and this includes holding a regular Safer School Group meeting. I recently attended one of these Group meetings at the school and I would like to recognise the school for the continual hard work in maintaining the Safer School accreditation. At this meeting, we reviewed the security/safety measures, updated the action plan and reviewed the incident reporting. The Police are normally part of this meeting but were unable to attend on the date. The school received a new certificate of accreditation. Overall, excellent!
Ian Bartlett
Crime Prevention Officer
Shropshire Council